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Customize how your recipients receive information from you when it comes to protecting assets.


  • To add a recipient to receive alerts, click the Settings
  • Click Alerts
  • Click Recipients.

  • Click New under the Recipients
  • Recipient: Name the device or email address.
  • Recipient Type: Choose a Mobile Phone or Email.
  • Phone Number or Email: Enter the desired phone or email address.
    • NOTE: For phones, you will need to know the Service Provider (i.e. Verizon).
  • Time Zone: Select the recipient’s time zone.
  • You may also choose a Quiet Period.
    • Quiet Period is a time frame you would not like to receive alerts (i.e. when not on shift). You can create up to two quiet periods per recipient.
    • Click Save Changes.
    • NOTE: To add a recipient to an alert, you will need to go to the Alerts menu and click Choose Recipients. Click here to walk through setting up Alerts.
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