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Common To all users of AviationSentry
Locations, Alerts, Recipients, and Distribution redesign, UI/UX enhancements Complete redesign of setup pages. Better user experience and easier to digest information. Customers will have more options and easier to understand information on how weather will impact them and what is relevant to them. Click on “Settings” (the gear icon) in the top right toolbar of AviationSentry. Proceed to Locations, Alerts, Recipients and Distribution pages. Activate alerts to expand menu. Utilize “Clone” option to quickly add same settings to other locations.
Forecast Settings Overhaul and Redesign Core focus of the release, as it drives other functionality within AviationSentry. A complete overhaul of our forecast settings page. The user will be able to set thresholds for caution and warnings ranges on a sliding scale, providing improved ease-of-use. This information will be used to drive the Executive Summary. Users are provided with a much easier and friendly view and use of forecast settings. Click on “Settings” (the gear icon) in the top right toolbar of AviationSentry and then proceed to “Forecast Settings”. Expand parameter categories to activate and then click on “Threshold” to adjust forecast settings thresholds to drive the hourly and daily local forecast weather parameters and shading, as well as the Executive Summary.
Executive Summary This dashboard summary is a red, yellow, green table of locations in a user’s account to visually see when inclement weather will be present at certain locations based on the users customizable monitoring and alerting settings. Users are able to customize the timeframes they would like to view the data and the time horizon they would like to present the information. The Executive Summary will also be able to be incorporated into the Slideshow for big board control. Users will have easy to digest information on their assets or locations forecast to be impacted by weather threats based on their specific thresholds. Important: Nothing will show up in the Executive Summary until locations and weather parameters are activated in the “Forecast Settings” page. Once weather parameter categories are activated forlocations in “Forecast Settings”, go to the left nav menu and select Executive Summary (ES). This will take you to the main ES page. Here you will able to view all locations in which weather parameters are selected in “Forecast Settings”. Also selectable is the timeframe and horizon. Mouseover the boxes to view which weather parameters are exceeding forecast thresholds. Clicking on a location in the ES page will take you to the hourly forecast. Select “Add Slide” in the top right corner of AviationSentry to add an Executive Summary slide to the Slideshow.
New Radar Composite Introduction of a new composite radar visualization. Increased bin resolution of current radar mosaics from 5 dBZ to 1 dBZ. Very light precipitation events, including situations when precipitation might not be hitting the surface, are now visible with the enhanced radar mosaic visualization. Enjoy the new color palette.
Addition of Finland Single-site radar (Radarscope) High resolution radar imagery with greater update frequency and refresh rates. Ability to overlay this layer on top of other critical weather information This is a key tool to allow for better situational awareness during inclement weather events. A tooltip is available to mouse over and view the data on the layered map. Transparency can also be adjusted.


NOTE: RadarScope data is not integrated into any alerting capabilities at this time.

Bug Fix–Route Brief Corrected a bug that prevents users from saving Alternate airport IDs within a route
Common To all global edition users of AviationSentry
New Future Radar Expanded the coverage of DTN’s future radar layer to now include Europe, Japan, and Australia. Future Radar provides a 90-minute forecast projection in 5-minute intervals. The movement and evolution of radar-observed storms are accurately captured to provide important information where hazardous storms will be in the future.
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