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Common To all AviationSentry Professional and Platinum Users
Single Site Radar (RadarScope) Layer Significant upgrade to our radar solution. Allows users to drill down to high resolution radar imagery with greater update frequency and refresh rates. Ability to overlay this layer on top of other critical weather information

This is a key tool to allow for better situational awareness during inclement weather events.

In addition, many new radar products will be offered to allow the more weather savvy users critical information that may allow for a better understanding of storm severity, storm rotation, hail potential, wind extremes, and other storm attributes.

Higher resolution and faster update cycle of radar than our current composite solution. This is used to track precipitation down to a hyper-local level to assess the impact.

Customers will also have access to several other radar products that were not available in AviationSentry before. This is primarily for the more weather savvy customers that are skilled in analyzing and visualizing radar products to make their own assumptions and decisions on how the weather will impact them.

More information can be found on the AviationSentry Academy page.

Navigate to the layered Map by selecting the “Weather – Radar/Sat” tab, which is the top tab in the left navigation window in AviationSentry. Then go to Layers > Radar and Satellite > RadarScope to select the single site radar. This will replace the composite radar on the map if this is checked.

For the United States, there will be 19 new radar layers and multiple radar tilts available in this offering.

Global sites vary. A tooltip is available to mouse over and view the data on the layered map. Transparency can also be adjusted.

NOTE: The RadarScope data is not integrated into any alerting capabilities at this time.

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