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Common To all AviationSentry Online Users – Platinum Service Level

High Ice Water Content Layer Provides a forecast of ice crystal potential at 11 unique flight levels, from 30,000 to 41,000 feet. Ice crystal concentrations can cause significant power loss or engine stall in certain aircraft. Found in Layered Map –>
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Enh Flight Hazards
Europe Weather Station and Forecast density Increased the density of weather observations (50%) and forecasts (29%) throughout Europe. This provides users with a more accurate representation of actual and anticipated conditions. Visualize the station increase in the Layered Map –>
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Forecast Locations

Common To all AviationSentry Online Users

Improved Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) Layer depiction The colored icon to represent the expected flight category conditions for a given TAF is now based on the current time rather than the TAF issue time. The issue time of a TAF can be anywhere from 0-12 hours in the past.  In evolving weather conditions, this can provide a false sense of expected conditions.  Utilizing the current time period of the TAF provides the user with increased situational awareness of flight category conditions
Terminal Area Forecasts (TAF) Layer Filtering Introduced the capability to filter the display of the TAF layer based on the minimum expected forecast flight category. This allows the user to focus on the TAF locations with reduced fight category conditions. New Layer Option Menu:

Pilot Reports (PIREP) Layer Filtering Users now have the capability to filter the display of the PIREP layer based on:

·        Type

·        Intensity

·        Aircraft Size

·        Flight Level

Previously, all PIREP were shown, forcing the users to manually sift through the data.  This enhancement provides the user with options to configure the display more relevant to their operation. New Layer Option Menu:

Low-altitude global Winds Aloft layers Addition of 2 new global forecast wind levels in the layered map, 1000 and 3000 feet.  This increases the number of levels available from 9 to 11. Provides users with enhanced awareness of wind speeds and directions in the lower atmosphere to optimize decision-making. The two new forecast levels can be found in the Winds Aloft layer options menu.
Menu option to remove unofficial observations from Visibility layer Added a layer menu option to the visibility layer to present users with the choice of removing unofficial weather observations. Enables users to have increased confidence when making weather related decisions based on current observations. Found in Layered Map –>
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