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All U.S. users

Get better awareness of the risk of severe thunderstorm weather today, tomorrow, or 3 days ahead, in the United States.

  • New layers display the risk of severe thunderstorms across the Continental United States for the next three days. These forecasts are produced by the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

Use Tips

  • In the Weather map, select these “T-storm Outlook” layers from Weather > Forecast. To see the risk levels that the map colors represent, in the bottom right corner of the screen, to the right of the layer name, hover over the legend.
  • SPC Outlooks are available to all US/Canadian WeatherSentry users.

Agricultural Weather Edition

Soil probes expand the capabilities of DTN weather stations with detailed soil temperature and moisture content at multiple depths. The addition of soil monitoring and forecasting within WeatherSentry helps in making key decisions for farming operations, including custom alerts for specific weather and agronomic conditions.

  • Graphs displaying the reported soil moisture and soil temperature from a DTN weather station or node. Includes the last six months of history and the upcoming 5-day forecast for up to three soil depths.

Use Tips

  • See Soil Sensors menu. Select a reporting station that includes soil sensors. If there are multiple soil depths being reported by the weather station or node only the top three depths will be displayed and forecasted.
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