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There are multiple ways to add a location; choose the approach that works best for you.

Add Location: Traditional

Choose a Personal Location

Personal Location

  • Click New.
  • Add the locations name.
  • Choose Address, Lat/Long, or Airport.
    • Type the address in the Address field, or the Latitude and Longitude, or airport code in the appropriate field.
    • A preview of the location will appear on the map to the left.
  • Change the time zone if applicable and choose if you would like this location to be your default location.
  • Click Save. If all fields are not complete or there is an error the Save Button will not appear.

Add Location via the Map

  • While on the Map, you can choose to add a location.
  • Click Locations at the top of the screen.

  • Choose Add a Location.

  • A pin will appear on the map, which you can then drag to your desired location.

  • Once you have set the location give it a name.
  • Choose your time zone.
  • Click OK.


Your location will now be visible on the map, where you can overlay radar, temperature, alerts, etc.

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