Create Assets or Locations

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are multiple ways to add a location; choose the approach that works best for you. Add Location: Traditional Choose a Personal Location Personal Location Click New. Add the locations name. Choose Address, Lat/Long, or Airport. Type the address in the Address field, or the Latitude and Longitude, or airport code in the appropriate field. A preview of the

Create Recipients to Receive Alerts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Customize how your recipients receive information from you when it comes to protecting assets. Add To add a recipient to receive alerts, click the Settings icon (upper right corner). Click Recipients. Click New under the Recipients field. Name the new user. Enter the desired email and/or phone number. You can also choose if you would

Create a Slideshow

Reading Time: 2 minutes Create a slideshow in AviationSentry to run through your most important weather information on your monitor or in your operations room. Map and Graphics can all be added to the slideshow. Add: Map While viewing the map, click Tools and then click Add to Slide Show: Name the Slide and the Slide Show you are creating. NOTE: You can create a new

Adding to Favorites

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let WeatherSentry remember your favorite and frequently visited screens. When you create or change your Favorites, they’ll show up in My Favorites. Organize your favorite screens with folders to fit your operations and teams.

Placing Locations Outside of North America

Reading Time: < 1 minute Only Global editions are able to create locations outside of North America. However, even if you do not have a Global edition you are still able to view international weather data reported by stations around the globe. Pan your map to any part of the world or use the “Jump to a City” feature to